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Take Local Action!

The ACLU–North Peninsula Chapter invites you to get involved in making positive change in our community. No specific skill set is required; the only necessary prerequisite is a desire to advance justice locally. You can learn more by registering to attend an upcoming "Meet the ACLU Chapter" chat- a brief,  informal virtual gathering* held quarterly. Our next chat date will be announced shortly. You may also fill out this volunteer interest form, and we will follow up to connect you with our current projects.

*We do not discuss individual legal cases. To request legal assistance, complete this ACLU of Northern California form

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Learn About and Make Change Statewide!

If you are interested in finding out more about the ACLU's work at the state level, and learning more ways to take action, we invite you to use the links on the ACLU of Northern California website for webinars and text and phone banks about civil liberties issues. You can also use the site to become an ACLU member and stay informed. The ACLU of Northern California's Conference in April of every year offers comprehensive trainings and opportunities to lobby legislators about pending civil liberties bills.

Keep Informed About National Civil Liberties Causes and Victories!

For the last century, the national ACLU has been the guardian for our most fundamental Constitutional rights - ensuring that our rights to free speech, privacy, to be innocent until proven guilty, and many others - are not just protected on paper, but in practice. The ACLU engages in legislative advocacy, impact litigation, and fearless organizing to ensure that these freedoms are guaranteed to every person in this country.  Information about the national ACLU's work and calls to action may be found here.